Why is Curb Appeal SO important?

What's the first picture you see of a House for Sale?  It's almost always the front of the property.

When buyers tell me what they're looking for - rarely (if ever) do their lists include a description of the outside of the house!   I've never been asked to find a house with pretty flowers or a really green lawn but  the first impression counts and it's a proven fact that Curb Appeal is what takes a house from " Not Interested ' to a "Must See"!    





So what do you need to do?

1. Clean Up!


Look at your house with a critical eye - as your Realtor to help!

  • Does the exterior need fresh paint?  

  • Does it need to be power-washed?  

  • Are the gutters full?  

  • Are there oil stains in the driveway?  

If the outside is less than clean then buyers will assume that the same is true about the interior.


2. Mailbox & Lighting



Making your house stand out on the street makes it memorable.  

  • Try a fresh coat of paint on the mailbox and make sure visitors can easily see your house number.

  • If you have exterior lighting make sure to replace burned out bulbs and clean the fixture - including the glass. 

  • Limit lawn & garden ornaments so they don't detract from the house.

3. Lawn, Trees & Shrubs 

Groomed yards make potential buyers want to see more!

  • Keep the lawn cut & weeds at bay

  • Trim shrubs so the house is easily visible

  • Attend to large trees - especially those which overhang your house


4. Add some Color!


Everyone loves to see a colorful display

  • Plants and flowers around the front of the house are always appealing.  

  • Add bedding plants a couple of weeks before listing so they have a chance to become established

  • Remove dead plants, pull weeds and add fresh mulch

  • Consider adding planters to your porch or doorstep

  • Seasonal decor should be tasteful and colorful


5. Your Front Door says "Welcome".



Buyers spend a moment outside your door waiting to go inside - Use this opportunity to make them feel welcome.   

  • Painting your front door is a quick & cheap project - Choose a color that pops!

  • Consider new hardware

  • Clean the glass - including the storm door

  • Try adding a seasonal wreath 

  • Use a bright 'Welcome' mat

Great Curb Appeal isn't expensive to achieve but can make a huge difference when you want to attract buyers.  Buyer's will judge your house by what they see outside so don't loose your chance to make a great first impression. 


We help all of our clients to make the right choices when presenting their house for sale.  We have a great marketing plan which includes specific advice on how best to prepare and lots of helpful tips based on our extensive experience of showing homes. 


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