Real Estate Agents and Customer Service

At the stressful times in our lives having support from professionals we trust is essential. Whether you find your Agent through a referral, an internet ad. or a yard sign it's important to take some time and make sure that this is a good relationship for YOU. Take the time to interview more than one agent and think about the rapport you have with them. They may be the busiest agent in town or have found a great house for your cousin but are they right for YOU? If you don't feel you can call your agent when you have questions, or, even worse, you don't trust the answers that they give you - then take some time to shop around.


  • Good agents take the time to get to know you and to understand your needs. They ask questions and they listen to the answers. They provide the services you need to meet YOUR goals, not theirs!
  • Good agents must communicate with you. Make an agreement for them to contact you on a regular schedule but they shouldn't be surprised or unavailable if you want to speak to them outside that schedule.
  • Good agents know what's happening with your transaction. Does your agent has 13 other listings but still talk knowledgeably about yours when you call them unexpectedly? If so then you probably have a more effective agent than one with just a couple of other clients but who never answers your calls and has to be reminded what's going on every time you make contact.
  • Good agents are organized and punctual. If they forget to email over those important papers when they promised to or they leave you waiting at a viewing without so much as a phone call - doesn't it make you wonder what else they've forgotten?
  • Good agents are honest and don't just tell you what you want to hear. A good professional will do their rese arch before they give you an answer. Telling a potential client that their house isn't worth what they are hoping for is difficult. A good agent will carefully explain and provide supporting evidence for their recommendations.
  • Good agents don't pass you off to assistants without informing you and agreeing to a new communication plan. Real Estate assistants can be an excellent resource for you if you are working with a busy agent. However their involvement in your transaction shouldn't be a surprise and they should be as knowledgeable about your situation as the agent you hired is.
  • Good agents stay in touch after closing. Once that commission check is cashed does your agent disappear? What if you have new questions - will they still be there with an answer for you? Keeping in touch with previous clients isn't just a marketing tool for good Agents it should be an invitation for you to use them as a resource in Real Estate matters in the future too.


All agents should understand that their potential clients have choices. Real Estate customers should seek out an agent who consistently provides the very highest level of customer service in every transaction.  By asking the right questions (see our blog post HERE on how to interview a Realtor) and checking reviews and recommendations from other clients you will be able to identify a great agent for your particular needs. 

You can read Charlotte and The Lake's online Reviews HERE and HERE.  We'd love to chat with you about your Real Estate needs and our customer service ethic.  We work with Buyers, Sellers and Investors throughout the Charlotte Metro area and would love to add you to our family of VERY satisfied customers!


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