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When I meet with homeowners who are planning to sell their homes I have a lot of questions! Some of those questions are about the actual property and sometimes my new client will reach for a binder or folder full of information.  They have everything at their fingertips - from the date of the last HVAC service and the invoice to the brand and model of the ceiling fans.  Of course this makes my job a lot easier but the people who love this binder the most are the new buyers!  They don't have to wonder about the paint color in the hall bathroom or the size of the A/C filters - it's all there right there in the binder.  I think there's great value to you in building a file of home information and it's a tool you can use when you market your house for sale. 

What should you include:

New home information - including builder warranty
Major appliance information - water heater and HVAC information can often be found in your home inspector's report or you can find them on the label
Home Warranty information - if you have one.  Find out if it's tranferrable.
Termite and Pest control information.  If you have a termite bond - is it transferrable.
HVAC vendor and service record
Paint colors
Light fixture and ceiling fan brands and installation dates
Instruction booklets for items like thermostats, microwaves, fireplaces & other appliances
Smart home instructions
Utility provider contact information
Renovation or improvement details including vendors, dates and products used.
County permit information for improvements made
Flooring details - brand & color of tile, vinyl, hardwoods or carpet.
Planting information - particularly for trees and larger shrubs
Details of vendors who have worked on your home
Any information which you received when you bought the house
Filter information for A/C but also for refrigerators and water softeners

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